space saving ideasIs it possible to make your property feel more spacious without adding square footage? The biggest countries and cities in the world have the smallest homes, and Dubai has no exception. If you own a small apartment in Dubai, we understand your plight. Small houses tend to lack storage, which is inconvenient for homeowners.

If you’re thinking of renovating your home to make the most out of every space, we’re here to help you. Whether you’re revamping your home for practical or aesthetic purposes, our proven tips will help you achieve the look and functionality you desire for your home.

If you have not come up with a strategy to jumpstart your home renovation project, our space-saving ideas for home renovation might juice up your imagination.

Space-Saving Ideas for Home Renovation in Dubai

Following are some of the creative space-saving ideas that you might want to consider as a part of your home renovation project:

1. Use Staircase Storage

Instead of congesting your books and other items you like to hoard in the corner of your room, you can transform the neglected space under your staircase into a bookshelf. You can also install a storage cabinet to make your stairs more organized.

2. Make Your Bedroom Look Spacious

Many bedrooms look cluttered, as they contain a lot of stuff. But you can make your bedroom feel bigger using a headboard with built-in storage. The right headboard will help your living space come to life and add an aesthetic touch to your bedroom’s decor.

Likewise, adding a decorative radiator cover will also give you an additional shelf for storage while improving the feel of your bedroom.

3. Install Storage Benches into Corners

Every home has some awkward corners that homeowners don’t know what to do with. Custom-size storage benches are the perfect space-saving home renovation ideas for these tight spots.

Building storage benches into awkward corners can provide a convenient drop zone for purses, backpacks, coats, shoes, and more.

4. Use Empty Walls of the Hallway

You can turn the empty walls in the hallway into potential storage spaces. You can install wall hooks or built-in cabinets to enjoy extra spaces for hanging coats and jackets.

5. Utilize Outdoor Spaces in Your Home

The outdoor spaces of your home come with a lot of potential, as you can use them to build a garden, pool, or garage. You can also use these spaces to extend your home’s square footage to accommodate your growing family.

6. Grow a Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

An herb garden in your kitchen, doesn’t it sound fantastic? There are many types of culinary herbs that you can grow indoors. Adding a piece of greenery in your kitchen will not only improve its visual appeal but will also benefit your health and budget.

You just need a wall illuminated by a skylight or window and the inspiration to keep your plants alive.

We hope our list of space-saving home renovation ideas will help you come up with a strategy that fits your needs and budget well. Do you have any space-saving home renovation designs in mind? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with the experts of Asfar Majeed Technical Services LLC.

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