Bathroom remodelingPlanning a bathroom renovation or remodeling can be an exciting and overwhelming project. From picking out new shower and bathroom tiles to replacing outdated mirrors and vanity, it is no wonder why bathroom remodeling is one of the significant renovation projects for homeowners in Dubai.

Revamping your bathroom can significantly improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and market value. So, if you’re hunting for some best bathroom remodeling ideas tailored to fit your budget and needs, this guide is exclusively for you.

In this write-up, the experts of Asfar Majeed will unveil the best ways to achieve a functional, stylish bathroom without putting a hole in your pocket.

Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Our list of the top 5 bathroom remodeling ideas includes the following:

  • Incorporate Large Format and Patterned Tiles 

If you’re struggling to get easy-to-clean surfaces, incorporate large-format tiles into your bathroom. Large-format tiles create fewer grout lines to worry about cleaning than traditional tiles.

Patterned tiles are another greatest bathroom remodeling trend of 2023. These wall tiles are easy to style and can give your space an enhanced look.

  • Get Creative with the Storage 

When you get creative with the storage in your bathroom, it looks cleaner and bigger to the eye. You can convert traditionally underused or unused areas into storage spaces.

For example, instead of exposing your hygienic and cleaning products to the world, you can add a niche to the shower wall to get a usable storage space.

  • Add High-Quality Light Fixtures

Do you know an average person spends about 420 minutes weekly in the bathroom? So, why spend such a significant portion of your life on something that does not feel comfortable?

High-quality light fixtures should be your best buddies when hunting for great bathroom remodeling ideas.

  • Play with the Colors

Experts say that colors can evoke emotions, and it’s true. Colors like gray, beige, white, yellow, and orange can evoke feelings of health, serenity, and cleanliness. You can utilize this color theory to turn your bathrooms into happy places.

Neutral colors like white and beige are a great way to accentuate valuable pieces you want to showcase, such as gorgeous bathroom tubs or countertops. In contrast, darker shades, like green and red, can make your space look open and wider.

  • Add Floating Vanities 

A vanity upgrade is the most integral part of a bathroom remodel. You can add a floating vanity to your bathroom. These vanities offer space-saving solutions while making your space look versatile and stylish.

Floating vanities also make cleaning much easier, as you don’t have to deal with bulky vanity baseboards or legs.

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