choosing a wallpaperInstalling a new wallpaper is an effortless way to make your space look aesthetically pleasing. The patterned and colorful wallpapers also infuse an artistic edge to your home’s interiors while camouflaging imperfections of the walls.

Over the recent years, more and more homeowners in Dubai are replacing paint with wallpapers because they’re more durable and cost-effective. Wallpapers come in various sizes and designs, making it difficult for homeowners to select the ideal match. 

When using wallpapers to decorate your walls, it is important to invest some time and effort to choose a suitable one to create a perfect ambiance in your space. Please scroll down to learn about several factors that can help you determine if the wallpaper is ideal for your home. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wallpaper

When choosing wallpapers to decorate your interior, consider the following factors to make the best choice:

  • Style of the Home

Consider the style of your home before investing in a home decor wallpaper. Often, the style of a home reflects the characteristics of the persons living there. You can have a casual, traditional, contemporary, or romantic home style. 

You can choose a beadboard or floral wallpapers based on these styles to give your home a relaxed feel.

  • Color Scheme of Your Home

Several studies indicate that colors play a significant role in evoking emotions. So, pick the right color for your wallpaper according to the color scheme of your home.

You can go with neutral-toned wallpapers for a peaceful and calm interior. Lighter shades impart a bright and airy appearance compared to darker colors. 

  • Wallpaper Type and Design 

Home decor wallpapers are available in numerous types and graphic patterns, such as floral, metallic finishes, and botanical prints. You can go for metallic finish wallpapers to give an opulent look to your interiors.

Textured and floral wallpapers give a rustic look to your home, whereas bold geometric patterns are ideal for contemporary decor.

  • Wallpaper Pattern

Selecting a wallpaper to decorate your home will certainly become an exciting job if you already have a specific pattern in mind. The pattern and design of your wallpaper should be consistent with the vibes you want to achieve for your home.

For example, wallpapers with abstract patterns are highly recommended to give your space a relaxed but stylish vibe. 

  • Wallpaper Material

The material of your selected wallpaper significantly affects its longevity. Solid vinyl and paper-backed wallpapers are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, as they’re moisture-resistant.

You can add fabric wallpapers to your living rooms and bedrooms, making your space look stylish.

If you want to give your home a pleasing makeover without putting a hole in your pocket, then non-woven wallpapers are ideal.

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