Checklist for Moving to a New House in Dubai

Moving to a new house in Dubai can be an existing and overwhelming task. From packing and unpacking to transferring utilities, you need to consider a lot of things before and after moving into a new home.

You need to be organized to make your moving process seamless and trouble-free. If you’re thinking of moving to your dream destination in Dubai, let’s look at our quick checklist for moving to a new house in Dubai to avoid any hassle during the shifting process.

Moving to a New House in Dubai: Things You Need to Know

The following tasks you will want to prioritize before moving into your new house in Dubai:

1. Give a Notice to Your Landlord

Informing your current landlord that you’re moving into a new home is the first and foremost step in home relocation. According to the UAE’s laws, you must notify your landlord at least 90 days before the end of the tenancy contract.

Some buildings in Dubai also require the tenants to acquire moving permits from the higher authorities. Therefore, make sure to complete all the required formalities to avoid unnecessary hassle on the shifting day.

2. Switch Your Utility Services & End Subscriptions

Switching your utility services is one of the essential steps to keep in mind while moving to a new house in Dubai. Inform your utility providers about your relocation so that utility services, like sewage disposal, gas, and electricity, can either be discontinued or redirected to your new home.

Similarly, magazines and post office subscriptions should also be informed about your relocation. You might need to pay some cancellation costs regarding subscriptions you’re no longer holding.

3. Sort Your Belongings

Sort out your belongings to wrap them effectively. In addition, remove unwanted stuff from your old home, as it will only increase your transportation charges.

You can make different categories of your belongings to make your packing easier and more organized. Labeling your boxes is also great for organizing things easily.

4. Hire Professional Movers

Moving to a new house in Dubai is a challenging task requiring professionals assistance. From packing, transportation, and unpacking to arranging, relocating home involves a range of tedious steps.

Professional movers like Asfar Majeed have the tools and experience to move your items safely. Moving bulky items like furniture from one location to another can be challenging if you do it yourself.

But experienced movers receive in-depth training to move bulky items, ensuring the safe management of your belongings.

Get Help from Professional Movers in Dubai

If you’re searching for the best movers near me, your search may end up with Asfar Majeed Technical Services LLC. Whether you’re moving to a place close by or an entirely different state, the pros of Asfar Majeed can make your relocation easier and hassle-free.

Our moving services are not only about shifting things from one location to another. Instead, our experts are equally concerned about taking care of individuals while making a significant transition in their life.

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