paint colorsChoosing new paint colors is an exciting part of upgrading your home. But with endless options available, choosing the right paint colors for your home that fit your interior and exterior needs often becomes challenging.

When picking paint colors for your home or office, you should resist the temptation to go with the cheap options. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect colors for your home, this write-up is exclusively for you.

Read on to learn valuable tips and hacks about the best paint selection for your home in Dubai.

5 Tips for Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

Consider the following essential factors when choosing paint colors for your home:

1. Choose a Color that Complements Your Furniture

Do you have any main things in your living space, like a sofa or another decor piece? Choose a color scheme that can complement what’s in your space. 

For example, if you have green furniture in your living room, you can go with green, purple, blue, or neutral tones. Likewise, you may choose yellow, red, or orange hues if your dining room features an orange area rug.

2. Play with Neutral Shades

Neutral colors, like white and beige, never fail to give your spaces an aesthetically appealing look. They pair really well with crisp white ceilings and trims. 

If you want your space to look spacious without adding new square footage, choosing neutral paint colors can help achieve this goal. These shades add a lot of brightness to your space, making it look bigger.

3. Choose Bold Colors for Accent Walls

Painting your accent walls with bold colors is a great way to draw attention to certain parts of your rooms. For example, you can choose a dark orange paint color to accent a room with peach-colored walls.

The deep purple hue is also unique and attention-grabbing to contrast a room with neutral-toned walls.

4. Choose a Light-Tinted Paint to Make Your Space Look Energized

Does your home not get adequate sunlight? Brighten your spaces up with light-tinted paints, such as yellow and beige. Light-tinted paints add more warmth and energy to your rooms than darker shades, making your spaces look cozier.

5. Contrast Your Fixtures & Walls

Choose paint colors that are darker or lighter than the items in your room. For example, if you have white-colored furniture in your home, sage green or charcoal gray color would help it stand out.

Similarly, if you have dark-colored cabinets in your kitchen, light-colored walls can create a perfect ambiance. 

Get Help from Professional Painters in Dubai

When choosing new paint colors, don’t forget the natural features of your home. The right color scheme can make or break the overall aesthetic of your place.

If you’re unsure which paint color would do justice to the natural features of your home, you can get help from experienced painters of Asfar Majeed.

We have completed a lot of commercial and residential painting projects. With our deep understanding of colors scheme, we can help you make the right choice about color patterns and combinations.

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