AC repairsAs the summer season arrives, air conditioning systems become the talk of the town. The brutal summer days of Dubai are unbearable if your cooling system goes down. Cooling systems require regular tune-up to preserve their optimal condition and functionality.

AC repairs can cause a hole in your pocket, so it is important to check your AC units and identify any potential problems regularly. It will help you take preventative measures or hire a professional AC contractor to avoid costlier repairs.

5 Common AC Repairs

Here are the most common AC maintenance issues that you need to know:

1. Water Leak

A water leak is one of the most common AC maintenance issues homeowners face. Mold growth can block or clog the PVC drain lines, resulting in water leaking. Sometimes, a broken or jammed condensate pump can also cause indoor water leakage.

The pros of Asfar Majeed use a wet or dry vacuum to unclog the PVC drain lines. We can also replace the condensate pump with a new unit if it is completely damaged.

2. Loud AC Noises

Strange sounds from your AC units often indicate an internal hardware problem. If you hear a loud screeching or squealing sound coming out from the air conditioning system’s blower motor, it could indicate a major issue. 

If your cooling unit is making strange noises, get help from the experienced technicians of Asfar Majeed Techncial Services LLC. We will guide you about the issue and promptly provide a reliable solution.

3. Thermostat Problems 

As the heat increases in Dubai, your AC units need a thermostat to measure the required temperature. If the compressor and sensor of your cooling system are not working well, you might face problems with the thermostat.

Removing dirt and debris from the thermostat can make it work properly. But you need assistance from experienced contractors to clean the dirt gently. 

4. AC Refrigerant Leak

AC refrigerant leak is one of the common AC repairs that can be fixed with the help of an experienced technician. The refrigerant controls air quality and cools the air within your air conditioning system.

Any problem with the AC refrigerant can drastically reduce your system’s efficiency because it is the actual mechanism through which your room gets cool.

A refrigerant leak is a significant issue related to electrical work. Expert AC maintenance technicians of Asfar Majeed can apply fixes to upgrade your system and minimize further problems.

5. Damaged Compressor 

AC compressors are an integral part of an HVAC unit that regulates heat exchange and AC pressure. They can get damaged due to clogged evaporating coils or lack of lubrication.

Inconsistent refrigerant levels and increased pressure levels can also result in compressor failure. You need to take professional help to determine if your system’s compressor needs to be replaced or repaired. 

Find An Experienced Air Conditioning Contractor Near Me

Ignoring common AC repairs can worsen the problem and cause substantial damage to your system. If you need help with any AC maintenance issue in Dubai, don’t look further than Asfar Majeed Technical Services LLC

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